All I can ever ask of you is to please never settle for me. If I’m not what you’re looking for, if I’m not good enough for you, then don’t stay.

Because you’ll end up leaving anyways (via brunettes-n-sunsets)

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Selfish vs Selfless.

Some parents live through their kids.
Some parents live for their kids.
Some parents ignore their kids and the most important events of their lives.

Rationalizing why it’s ok to miss Sr Season state baseball for a boondoggle. Posting pics on FB instead of reaching out to your kid. Unforgivable. This would be selfish, not rationalized therapy.

Live for your kids, not through them.
Live because of them, good and bad.
Live with them, experience their highs and lows.
They learn selflessness through your actions. They learn selfishness, well, through your selfishness.

Yeah. That times infinity

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Music…should come with a health warning:

It can be dangerous. It can make you feel so alive, so connected to the people all around you, and connected to what you really are, inside.

It can make you think that the world could, and should, be a better place.

And just occasionally, it can make you, very, very happy.

Peter Gabriel, accepting his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction (via kateoplis)

Mayday, mayday I’ve been shot down
Over the stormy sea
Well I feel that I’m drifting away
Can not seem to get a grip on me
Well. I can’t even try


Sloe Gin, sloe Gin
Tryin’ to wash away the pain inside
Well I’m sick and I’m all done in
And I’m standing in the rain
And I feel like I’m gonna cry

I’m so damn lonely
And I ain’t even high
I’m so damn lonely
And I feel like I’m gonna die

JOE BONAMASSA LYRICS. My feelings this month.

Too much time on my mind

If you could turn back the hands of time, what time would it be?


Tonight’s the night we’ll make history…baby you and I.

Of course not like you think.

Funny how the heart can be deceiving
More than just a couple o’times
Why do we fall in love so easy
Even when it’s not right

You gotta get up and try, try, try
You gotta get up and try, try, try
You gotta get up and try, try, try